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Top Up means “recharge” and usually applies to your telephone, prepaid card, public transport season ticket. Why not "top up" your English, upskill it and make you a more effective user too? 

Your English NON-Course

Dipinto di bianco Legno
We believe that the same course cannot be suitable for everyone.
Yours will not be a course with scheduled topics and lessons to which you are requested to adapt.
It will be a "Non-course", namely your own path, based on an exclusive LearnEng Map , which will give voice to your interests, needs, learning style and availability.
Your exclusive and tailored English upskilling will then be pursued!
Dipinto di bianco Legno
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"Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I may remember.

Involve me and I learn"

(B. Franklin)

More voice to your English!

More voice to your learners!

Your Voice

Dipinto di bianco Legno

Are you willing to improve your English for

Career Change?
Specific Purposes?
Upskilling and/or Job Promotion?


is the answer!

A learning journey based on your own LearnEng Map.

Needs and Interests


Learning Style

LearnEng Map


Synchronous and asynchronous online classes, with access to a Classroom with exclusive resources and materials.
 classes (coming soon!).

Ordinary to us,
extraordinary to others!

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Our Method

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The G.I.L.D.A. method for learning English derives from a skilful selection and blending of different communicative methodologies and procedures (Engage-Study and Activate, Task-based and Situational learning, but also Assessment for Learning, Visible Thinking and Learner Agency). Knowledge of learning theories and competency in the use of the most effective tech tools help us create a customised English upskilling.

Let's get started

Dipinto di bianco Legno


Online interview to identify your predominant learning style, language needs and interests.


Scheduling your online lessons (synchronous delivery).


Building up the customised LearnEng Map.


It's time to start!

Anche per ...

Also for...

Dipinto di bianco Legno
Cappellini da lancio


Dipinto di bianco Legno

30-hour course, 90 '/ lesson (i.e. 20 lessons)

Synchronous, asynchronous and live (as soon as possible) online lessons.


The offer includes exclusive resources, content and materials to get familiar with the exam tasks. Access to an exclusive online Classroom will enable you to attend the synchronous remote training, to receive personalized feedback on the  writing tasks. Two full mock tests followed by  feedback are also included.

Possibility to purchase extra time!

Dipinto di bianco Legno
Ufficio top manager

Corporate English

Dipinto di bianco Legno

20 hour course, 60 '/ lesson 

(as indicated by the stakeholder, between 5 and 10 participants for each group).


Synchronous online lessons, hybrid (simultaneously online and onsite) or asynchronous (depending on learners' shifts), as needed.

The offer includes exclusive resources, contents and materials to achieve the established objectives (strengthening of specific lexical areas, business emails, formal English …). Access to an exclusive online Classroom to take part in the synchronous training remotely, to receive personalized feedback on speaking and writing. Asynchronous access to additional materials and activities will be active too.

Dipinto di bianco Legno


Dipinto di bianco Legno


Dipinto di bianco Legno
Dipinto di bianco Legno

Top You Up

di Anna Raneri

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